Tuesday, April 28

Freedom Lives Again

I can consider why the caged bird sings, or 'Prison walls nor iron gates ..." Does that bird sing in it's head when he can no longer use his voice? We know that bird doesn't fly when his wing is broken. It is not possible. What is possible? How does Stephen Hawking do it? I heard he resorted to an abusive relationship. Or Einstein when he lost his jaw and vocal chords? Maybe he took enough pain killers that he didn't care whether or not he could sing. Where does life go when the brain no longer works as it once did? Or the body? How about both? Not much fun, to me. I guess I'm in deep tonight. Pain takes me there. I just don't recognize it all the time. That's pretty odd. Or maybe just human. Gotta go take something. This has been a downer post. Tomorrow will be better.

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