Sunday, April 26

165 Miles to T or C

2 hours with Ayiana today, then heading home. I didn't get my room at the hotel, but the one I got is very similar. I's the one I reported so long ago due to how dirty is was. Shockingly, it is still clean, yay. Tomorrow is the last hearing to complete this nightmare I've been living the last year. But then, nothing has been as told so far, so we will see. For instance, I didn't find out about Monday until last Friday. Ayiana will be having a home pass next weekend! She comes home about 8:30 and stays till about 4:00 when we both go back for a Family debriefing. lol We are all excited. She was so hyper today, it made me tired. She said "I'm so hyper and I haven't had any candy all day! She's so sweet ....

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