Friday, May 8

At Least I'm Persistent

I feel the urge to blog again. Maybe it will help me somehow. I always have a better outcome when I'm able to have a sounding board or partner in a project. Being a single mom I'm afraid I proved that point already. Details later...

Wednesday, June 26

The Meek Shall Inherit ...

the Earth.

Many of us know this quote from the Christian Bible. It has often perplexed me. Who are the meek? What is the real meaning behind these words? Like so many parables in the New Testament attributed to Jesus, this sentence is one to ponder.

Lucky for me (?) I experienced this phrase this morning. I say lucky because I now know what this biblical phrase means and who these people, the meek, are. Let me explain ...

Like so many others, we have been struggling with money. I was having a conversation with a man from a company I make regular payments to. Unfortunately I am behind a payment with this company so I am in contact with them weekly. Today I called only to be told I have no rights until my payments are up to date.

Okay. That's rough. What came next was thee Moment. The moment I felt like Kizzie in the movie Roots. Remember when her lifelong, childhood friend looked at her like she'd never seen her before, ordering Kizzie to get her a drink of water. She also admonished Kizzie for approaching her with familiarity. (Kizzie's response in another story!)

I had gotten angry with the way privileges are taken away when one is behind on this bill. It just is not logical, punishing my child for my being late with a payment. The man on the phone told me I was being ungrateful for the leniency the company is showing me. If I question any of the attitude given to me by the company employees, I am being ungrateful. Wow. I mean, wow. 

I know this is not what the bible teaches us. I was taught you don't kick a person when they are down. But I was being told that I deserved to be treated without compassion, without kindness. One stated, "I could treat you with compassion but what good would it do you?". Another, wow. 

Humbling myself in this situation felt awful. I could not believe what I was hearing. I clung to the words of God, knowing they would keep me afloat during the balance of the conversation.

When the conversation was over I broke down. All of the struggling we do everyday to catch up, get ahead, or just break even the household budget, searching for food to eat that won't slowly kill us. Trying for just a little nutrition. And I am told I am no better than dirt, at least not as good as they are. Not entitled to the same rights they are, not even entitled to compassion, as they seem to be trying to keep me behind with fees and penalties. 

wow ...

Monday, February 4

It's a Pig's Life

Created using FairyTale Collaboration piece by Marta van Weick at Deviant Scrap.
Marta van Weick has accepted back on her Creative Team. I'm very happy to be active in digital graphics again. It will take a while for that skill set to return in full force, but it's fun to play again. :) Marta's designs and level of activity required are a perfect match for me. Deviant Scrap has wonderfully creative kits to work with.

On the home front I may transfer 14yo dd to another middle school. Her case manager is hostile towards her and me. We have an IEP tomorrow morning. Should be a great meeting. lol I'll write tomorrow.


Created using Fairy Tales Collaboration piece by Marta van Weick at

Tuesday, January 22


I'm back. It's a newer me, though, not the old me. We've turned more corners, at a variety of angles, than I ever imagined we could handle.

The good news is my faith is back and I feel like blogging again. I missed having this creative outlet, talk about a block. :) If you are interested in our journey over the last year, check out the attached Children's Schooling blog.

More soon ...

Wednesday, August 31

Jenny Doh and CrescenDoh

Have you heard of Jenny Doh and her Creative Lab? She is the former editor of Somerset Studios magazines - all of them! She has created her own place on the web. Her newsletter wanders into my inbox on no particular schedule but today it was right on time. Here is the first line:

"Freedom means choosing your burden."

{Hephzibah Menuhin}
When the work gets tough, there are folks who want to get free from it. Actually, what they really want is to quit. But that's not freedom.
And there is more. If you need to hear this like I did today then congrats! Ciao ...


Friday, July 22

Moving those Boulders

Boulders in top of Spruce Knob mountain in Wes...Image via WikipediaSome days we need just a few words to use as leverage to pop those boulders out of the way. (see yesterdays post) A friend forwarded a daily inspiration from The Brave Girls Club.

Short and sweet today. :) 
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