Thursday, April 23

Thursday is Chat Night!

The infamous Scrap Therapy chat run by Doctor Amanda was held this evening. There were approximately 30+ in attendance. Noticeably absent was Stacey, Reigning Mrs. Digital's Queen. Gentry must have been hungry. And speaking of hungry ... The raisin or chocolate chips in a cookie debate was not resolved. However, a variety of food one would not think possible, until realizing that we are world-wide, was eaten at dinner tables around the world tonight. Several included Kraut, which I have not had in ages. Most did not contain unusual meats or side dishes. We were given a striking addition to the Front Porch digital scrapping kit offered by Amanda Thorderson on Digitals. This beautiful kit generously filled with so many gently colored adornments, as you can see in the photo, is priced at half off this month. That is $3.00 and that is irresistable. So the chat was a success, Cyn joined us just a few minutes into the chat. Good thing because we all like her and would have missed her. She is the Doctor's assistant. I almost forgot to mention an informal poll was taken regarding the digital mini kits given out for challenges. The discussion was based around the best way to acquire these images, through pm's or through direct download from the designers store. It appeared most in attendance leaned toward the use of the designers store. Outside of Scrapbooking, I met with CW today for a dusting of my brain. I would say it was a success, without a doubt. A gentle use of various solutions lead to positive results. No more can be asked for. So now, I will finish, or as Leonardo DaVinci would say "make and end". One of my favorite Charlton Heston movies, and the only reason I cared for the man. This is not Paul Harvey, but 'Good News'.

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