Monday, February 21

Updating Today

I decided to give my blog a facelift today. I'm ready for a clean look, trying to remove clutter from my life and I guess the blog is part of that.

This afternoon the insurance adjuster comes to evaluate damage from the frozen pipes. Over the last 2 weeks I have had less than 7 days of water. I'm managing but just can't much longer.

The last pipe broke in the middle of the night last week.The photo is an example of potential repair. I thought the house was falling down. It turns out that means the break was in the cement slap below the house! I've never heard of that before but I don't know much about how pipe is laid. The house may be totally re-plumbed as a result to prevent continued breaks. Otherwise the plumbing contractor will take a jack-hammer to my floors! Inside the house! Mike the contractor says that is the only way to find the break and replace the pipe.

Either way it sounds like I will have to move out for a while. I just can't continue without water. Yuck.

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