Thursday, February 3

Having sex with a mentally handicapped woman is not rape?!

What the hell is the House of Representatives Republican Party thinking? In answer to their failed attempt to repeal the public health insurance act, the Republicans have now proposed an act to save our country money by cutting health care their way. For example, the Republicans suggest cutting federal funding for abortions except in the case of 'forcible rapes'. I wasn't aware of the 'rape loophole' in our healthcare system. I recall from college that all rape is forcible - yeah, that's what I learned in college. So this would stop women who were drugged and then raped, mentally handicapped but over the age of 18 who have been gaming the system. Sorry ladies, "the free abortion ride is over" Kristin of The Daily Show says tongue in cheek.

Now we have 'rapish' behavior according to Kristin. Date rape, raped by a friend, equals 'Rape with Benefits', a rapish behavior.

Money rape=forcible taking of taxpayer money to pay for abortions. They have to lay back and take it while their bank accounts are violated over and over and over again says Kristin.

In 2006, federal funds helped pay for 191 abortions for victims of rape, incest or when the health of the mother is at risk. When one does the math, this works out to 2/10ths of a penny per tax payer per year.

When will men, specifically those elected by the 'people' who include more women than men, learn that women are not possessions. Other people cannot dictate what is more important for women, an abortion after a rape which resulted in pregnancy for a 16 year old high school sophomore or Viagra covered by insurance for the man who raped her. Is Dad a Republican?

Wake up America ...

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