Wednesday, December 8

The Missing Link

If you are looking for a missing link, it may be me. For three years I have been all over the countryside trying to take care of business. Just when it seems I have it all in hand, the business is changed. I don't believe this ought to be my business to begin with. I have enough to handle. But then those who decide to make my business their business begin making demands on my time, changing the course of business which is very unhealthy. No matter which direction I am going, before I can exhale I'm off on another wild goose chase thanks to these oh-so-helpful, and misguided, people. I hope and pray tomorrow will be the final hurdle, allowing me to exhale, and allowing us to return to the business which is of ultimate importance, my number one priority, the health of my family members. All of these so-called civil servants who interfere in the name of safety for children and society actually impede much needed healthcare for whom they are supposedly concerned. There goes our tax dollars, there goes a good idea gone awry, there goes precious days, weeks and months of medical care to chase down a dead end lane. But in juvenile court, or family court, we are guilty until proven innocent. Without independent means our health is held by resentful attorneys the court orders to represent us. It is much easier to go along with the prosecuting D.A., convincing the charged they have no chance of acquittal. Convincing the parents the child will just receive a slap on the hand, after all, it's a juvenile record, not an adult record. What those attorneys fail to say is that juvenile record is known to each officer in that town until that child is grown and able to move away. That parent may not be guilty, and their child and family suffers damage that cannot be undone, real-life damage possibly hindering true aid for the child. Finally, what those attorneys do not say which is most damning to them - we have civil rights. Ignorance is no excuse to the IRS, why is it acceptable in our courts of law?

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