Tuesday, November 30

Kim Audette fights for Civil Rights in New Mexico

A woman whose family has resided in the New Mexico valley of healing for American Indians, where an agreement among all tribes exists that none shall bare arms, Kim Audette is fighting for her right to continue a 150 year family tradition of self-determination and empowerment. The city council and city attorney continually attempt to impose fines of thousands of dollars upon Ms'.Audette when she speaks up for her property rights. However, these fines are illegal in New Mexico. This requires Kim Audette to write her own civil arguments against these fines and citations. Anyone who is not in the legal field is hard-pressed to create court admissible documents. It appears this intimidating fact is being used to advantage by the attorney and city council members, knowing Mrs. Audette is a woman of simple means. Ms. Audette is a true feminist who will not cave in and give up her civil rights. It appears one can fight city hall. I find it noble that in a society that believes breakfast cereal is nourishing someone persists in obtaining her civil rights.

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