Tuesday, July 20

Lost Windows photo glallery

So they told me they have an even better one, Windows “Live” Photo Gallery. I know this isn’t the one that came installed on my Dell but since I can’t find that one I don’t have much choice for previews, etc.

The installer told me to select which programs I wanted to install from about 5 or 6 programs and it will take over from there. 3 times in a row it told me some other problem was installing so try again later.Now knowing windows, my  first suspicion was a windows problem. So I started over, this time instead of selecting 3 modules to install, I selected only one. Eureka! That’s all it took.

So now I am typing along in Windows Live. If it does work, it will be so convenient to type my blogs as I go then upload them when it is convenient, not to mention no wrestling with Blogger. 

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