Tuesday, July 20

Is it just me or what?


I am so tired these days. Even Ayiana is sleeping more than usual. It must be the heat. It has been over 100 here more often than not the last 30 days. I love this photo of her taking a nap.

It goes beyond sleep for me though. I don’t want to do anything. I am lazy! My room is a mess, I love creating all types of art and haven’t done a thing for at least five days. I just want to lay around, eating once in a while. lol  Well hopefully this weather will let up and Ayiana and I both will be up for more action.

Speaking of action, she is doing well in Karate. She never complains about going even though she tells me how hard they work in class. She feels good about her accomplishments in class. I am so happy for her. It is important for kids to find something they carry through the years, feeling a certain mastery of the subject, whether it’s karate or saxophone.

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