Sunday, June 13

Which Way to Turn?

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These days seem to be so full of new ideas and information it is hard not to become frozen with too many options. I am one of those people who is consumed by chaos. I have found so much information on various types of crafting and creating art I don't seem to complete any one project because another idea jumps out at me.

If it is not my joy of arts and crafts that carry me away it is my daughter's constant health issues. If I allowed it I could be consumed by her needs and my need to become more knowledgeable about her disabilities. The disabilities seem to multiply; discovery of one disability suddenly morphs into 3 more symptoms. My love for her grows all the time and I am determined to provide for her the best of everything: healthcare, education, recreation, comfort. This includes her friends as well. Not too many people are understanding of those with social skills deficits.  I believe it makes people uncomfortable, almost out of fear of finding that reflection inside themselves.

I am very happy to say she does have two true friends. They are priceless to her. I fought her constant requests for a cell phone until I found a telephone package that made sense for us, and now she is never without it. She and her friends text each other anytime of day. Usually just silly stuff; giggles, laughs, what could be better medicine? I love to see her eyes light up when she gets a text out of the blue. Then she gets serious as she keys in her response, maybe even an icon, then breaks out the smile again. These kids and their parents are some of the rare few who appreciate children. They understand what they need to be genuine and know empathy for others. I hope my daughter is learning this as well.

Finally, despite having only 4 weeks of in-school education this entire school year (5 months of 2-4 hours per week) she scores at 5th grade level, appropriate for her age. This is heartbreaking for me. Imagine if she had been schooled in the way she deserves, a Free and Appropriate Public Education. She could be years ahead in many subjects, rather than moving so slowly. My wish for her is to become a happy, productive citizen.
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