Thursday, June 17

How do all of you Amazing Women do it?!

I have so many enjoyable activities as well as household work that needs to be done, how do I get to them all? Prioritize, right? Can someone tell me exactly how that is done? What is more important when you need to take care of your home but you also need to bring in the money because father has decided not to pay child support anymore?

My health and energy level are important and they are certainly replenished by my artistic activities which also bring in some money. But how does that fit in without staying up until 2:00 am every night? Ugh!! I am tired, in case it doesn't show.

Speaking of creativity and artistic endeavors, I am happy to have found my muse at even a deeper level. I have begun creating some simple but beautiful decorative gifts from rectangular and oval 3d shapes. I picked up these blank pieces more than a year ago at a steal and I am so glad I did. I haven't finished one completely yet, so no photo, but soon.

Ayiana started Karate yesterday and wow is it going to do wonders for her. Teaching her self-discipline and self-confidence, as well as achieving excellent physical condition will be a leap in the right direction. She was psyched about starting as you can see in the photo of her yesterday before class.
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