Wednesday, December 2

Princess Christina

We are having a fun time with Princess Christina, our guinea pig. Isn't she really cute, with her light brown and white short hair. She is a true 'cavy', always finding a little cave, dark and warm where she can snuggle with the blanket. She eats a special food that is little pellets and dried vegetables. We also have to feed her hay which she really likes better than the pellets. As a treat, she gets broccoli, carrots, even grapes. The green vegetables are supposed to be the best for her. She loves the fruits and veggies!

We are building a special home for her called a C&C home. Cubes and Coroplast. Since coroplast is hard to come by, we have regular corogated cardboard for now. We learned about this type of cage from Cavy Cages. She is a gift for Ayiana but I enjoy her too.

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