Wednesday, December 2

My Christmas

I am more open minded about Christmas this year than ever before. I've had solid beliefs in the past that everything had to go a certain way; the tree had to be put up and decorated Thanksgiving weekend, same lights outside in the same areas of decoration, etc. etc. etc. Wow I am so glad I've become flexible. It really takes away the stress.

I was reading excerpts from a book on Amazon called "Life from a 10 year old to a 100 year old"  . I hope I am close to the correct title. Point is a 10 year old put life this way " it's like life is a dotted line, and you are on a dot in the middle of the line. The dots behind you are the past and the ones ahead of you are the future so you just have to go on to the future.' Pretty profound for a 10 year old ....

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