Saturday, December 5

And the boxes are rolling in!

Christmas time is when I get to know my UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS carriers. After a few years  now I guess it's getting to know them better. They all laugh at the packages coming in and wait until a few days before Christmas to bid Christmas cheer. One woman said 'Oh, I'll see you again,' she knew I'd be getting more packages after I said 'in case I don't see you before Christmas'. Today especially had some great treats for my daughter and myself.  I splurged on goodies as my present to me and got some terrific craft tools and paints and waxes and on and on ... that I'd been coveting for so long! I can't wait to get them out of the box. Best of all the same box contains my dd's big presents. Her birthday is 8 days before Christmas, which leaves her a little short shrifted if I'm not careful. This year she will get one big gift for her birthday, with another piece added at Christmas. She wanted them so bad but I told her they weren't necessary and very costly for us. So yes, I told a little white lie. As parents, don't we all for these kinds of things?

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