Sunday, December 13


As I watch Saturday Night Live, after thinking about the weak humor offerings these days, I realize mind-numbing humor can add much to life.  When it is over, interacting with children, reading, and petting the dog all seem so much more than before imbibing in this humor. Was it really the 70's that made this show so enjoyable? Maybe over the last few, Tina Fey? Well, uh, what was I writing about. Oh, well.

We had a surprise party for Ayiana's 11th birthday today. It was a success. 2 of her closest friends were there as well as family friends, and of course, grandma Glyn. Take a look ~

Lots of pizza, chicken wings, cheesy bread sticks and chocolate and cinnamon desserts later, we all bounced out of there with lighter purses and full tummies. The girls enjoyed the prize machines, video games and juke box. Ayiana just enjoyed. That was nice. Happy 11th my darling, always my baby girl.

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