Tuesday, June 9

The Mexican Indigenous Textiles Project

This is something most New Mexicans are aware of. Not the Project, but the poverty of many indigenous peoples. I encourage everyone to visit this site, linked by the title of this entry, if not to donate, then to be educated about the standards of everyday life for people who are native born American citizens. Can't we change this somehow, for all Americans? This photo is from Rincon, a town about 45 minutes from where I live. I had no idea this lifestyle existed so close to my everyday life. I drive past Rincon on my way to Las Cruces. This really moves me. I hope I can help in some way. And I hope that you can too.
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Anonymous said...

...we must not forget their beautiful work that they still do today. It is all by hand and even in their own communities the intricate work of creating these textiles is a dying art, sad...Donna