Thursday, May 28

Some People

Some people can't handle it. They just don't get it. Even as 'mature' adults. That is when they can do real harm. To everyone, involved or not. Especially in families. It shows a person something. It shows how strong that person is. Inner strength. Belief, yeah, belief too. Believe in the self. Faith in the self. Who knows about tomorrow. Like the jagoff general who ordered his soldiers to quit commiting suicide. That's the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. At first it is LOL funny, then it is sad funny. 3x tours in Iraq, women and men, "stuff it wimps, stuff it". I propose this is what has brought us to where we are today. Many people keep a distance, they don't let you know them. You don't notice because you don't want them to know you either. Then one day, "I never thought he would do that" ~ have an affair, commit a crime, whatever it may be. I realize this is what is stirring inside of me right now. Injustice, coldness, distance. So, to tie it all together, oh, I guess I've done that already ...

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