Wednesday, May 27


What organization? No, not the mob, or NOW. Plain old organization at home. Especially if you are a crafter/scrapbooker/hybrid/mixed-media/altered artist. Have to put one inside the other then fit into the storage container either standing up or lying vertically or horizontally, to ensure that all the other 'things' will also fit. There are never enough storage containers though. But when it's all packed up and put up, that's a signal that we can start gathering more stuff. Dumpster diving, the resale shop, yard sales or even Joe, who sells out of storage units. He always has something I need. Need. Not want. Maybe not today, but someday and if I don't buy it today, when the day comes I will regret not buying it. Maybe I could make do with something else. Maybe. Well, but why worry. I have a very, very large garage...

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