Sunday, May 10

Mother's Day with The Ant Bully

Ayiana and I get to hang out most of the weekend, but I didn't know it ahead of time. Good thing I bring a change of the essentials. But I didn't have a chance to plan any activities. Se we are hanging out together. Ayiana requested her GameBoy. Mistake. It's all she's done since she put her hands on it. We found a Play it Again store thanks to the hote desk . The store offered her $10 for the game unit; I was outraged. We did find a great case for all of her GameBoy games and the unit as well as a couple of used games she wanted. They were going to give her $10 for all of her games, seven of them. Then they resell the games for $10 to $20. Anyway, while she is having fun with her GameBoy, which she hasn't played for more than a year, I get to blog and make sb pages. It's fun to just hang out together. Feels good to be at tht point again. I extended the hotel stay and will confirm with Delores tomorrow. Should be fine. I will ask Carmen to let me know when the usual schedule changes. But in any case it's great to be here together.

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