Sunday, May 10

Fareed Zakaria - GPS

I watched my usual Sunday morning shows today and found a couple items I want to comment on. First, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the Dahli Laahma. It has been a long time since I have heard him speak. I love hearing the joy in his voice and seeing it in his eyes. His perspective encompasses all. I was disappointed they did not have subtitles. Sometimes I have difficulty with his accent. Fareed kept asking these 'why' questions, which he continued to do during his later interviews/discussions. Long ago, a professor told me 'why' is not a useful question, and she was sure to enunciate each syllable. 'For what purpose", "what did they hope to gain", ' how would that aide their cause' etc. These are much clearer, intelligent questions. I can't remember right now the other point I wanted to comment on, but when I do I will write again. I am totally disappointed in George Stephanopolous. His show is no longer my choice for that time slot. The show has the usual suspects, moves slowly, and he almost seems to whine when he asks questions. Anyway ~

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