Wednesday, April 15

No go, kites go

Well, it was decided the pass on Easter Sunday was not possible. Arranging transportation was the main problem, not enough notice to the trans company. We were both a bit disappointed, but we had a great pass that day. Kite flying, Easter egg hunt - for me! We got these little butterfly kits at the dollar store and went to the park to see if they would really fly. They are about 6" across and beautifully colored, shiny like mylar. Tails so long, they were beautiful. I was really concerned they wouldn't fly, and Ayiana was so ready for kite flying. So here we go. I tell her put her back to the wind always, once it is in the air a bit you can slowly let out more string, give it a tug if it starts going down. After a little practice she was an expert! It was so great to just watch her. She was full of joy; nothing else existed. I will post pics or layouts on my crafts page. What a day. The peace and joy comes back to me just writing about it. Ahhhh ...

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