Thursday, February 5

Volunteer? Is it all it can be?

Well, I kept my commitment. Despite the obnoxious lady who runs the place. See, I go into this local resale store that supports an animal shelter. They have a lot of craft junk. Last week when I was in there, I told one of the volunteers the craft stuff had grown so much you could hardly tell what is there anymore. So next thing I know I'm coming in the next Wednesday to start the project. For about 2 hours. With a chair. Well, the chair was a metal folding STOOL, not even a folding chair! And it was such a mess, so much stuff that didn't belong in that department, and I just couldn't stop. (I'm a Libra) Next thing I know the store is open and customers are stepping over me and on my work to get that one thing they think they want but then put back. So I cleaned up the area and went home. 3 hours. I was so sore I couldn't do anything for the next day. So I have learned several things. a) People aka customers in general do not care about employees, paid or not. b) Don't believe it when people tell you that you will get a discount. c) Stick to the time limit you set originally. d) Bring cash, they don't accept checks. For now, goodnight.
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