Monday, January 5

I had tons of fun with Ayiana this weekend

I love the weekends when I go to Albuquerque and spend time with my 10 yo. We play games, have meals together, kick back and relax and enjoy each other. We like to take a lot of pictures, too. Some are silly faces, same are our best Hollywood poses, and some are just random, what-we-are-doing-at-the-moment poses. And I think I will end up scrapbooking all of them this month.

I started the 365 monthly challenge at Digitals. I got about 12 layouts done last year (well, hopefully  more than that) but I have to get some outside motivation going. Get my mojo in gear! So I have to finish the same number of layouts each month as the number of days that month. So for January it is 31. I think we've already taken at least that many. I'll have to get Ayiana's permission to use her photos, but I expect she'll not mind at all.

Also, I decided I might as well join a bunch of challenges at Digitals, get those kits and mini's at the same time I'm getting my 365 done.

Enough for tonight. Time to shut down the house and crawl into bed, all cozy and warm, with my remote in my hand.  Goodnight.

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