Thursday, January 1

2009 ~ Hooray!

I am so ready for a fresh start in the new year. 2008 was very funky for me. The oddest things happened in our lives. I have a hard time admitting it but I have learned so much during that same period of time. It helped me change a lifelong behavior that did not serve me well. Another positive in 2008 was learning to digital scrapbook. I'm not an expert but I have learned a lot. I love doing it, especially if I can make it a hybrid page. Now that Digitals has partnered with a printing company, we can get our 12"x12" prints for a very reasonable price. If you are interested, go to Digital Scrapbook Pages and head to the forum. About half-way down you will find information about the company and the prices. Stacey Mann, the owner/designer of Digitals, has tested it and was very impressed. They guarantee your order will ship within 2 days of placement. That's terrific. So I can make hybrid 12"x12" pages without breaking the bank. My older daughter, Stefanie, is going to make me a grandma in about 6 weeks. The baby is a little girl who will be named Bailey Ryan. Ayiana is so excited about the baby, and about becoming an aunt. Another great event coming out of 2008. I've met new people online and in church which has been great in increasing my social and support circle. I went back to teaching at our local branch of Western New Mexico University. My first semester back was this past fall. I taught Intro to Psychology; not my favorite class to teach but it was good to get back to teaching none the less. I enjoyed the other faculty members, counselors and the administrator. She was a real support for my return. Well, I've surprised myself at the number of positive events I've found for 2008. And I'm sure 2009 is going to be better. That's a lot to look forward to. A great hobby, good friends, a wonderful daughter at home and my first grandchild from my older daughter in IL. My mom and step-dad are fairly healthy. My dad is doing his best to take care of himself, maybe slow down a bit in his work. The economy is helping him out in that respect. Funny, I started out the post feeling put upon by 2008 and eager for 2009, but now I feel content. 2008 was what is was, and that's all. I hope everyone has a peaceful, prosperous new year. Remember, prosperity does not always come in the form of money. It can come in the form of love, family, an abundance of many different things. So watch what you ask for. ;o)

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Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog :) you are so welcome to anything that is there :)
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