Tuesday, December 23

You just can't believe what you read

I read I had lost my posts before a certain date. Then shortly after posting, there they are! Hmmm? Well, however it happened, I'm glad it did. It's interesting how these posts carry some meaning that I didn't realize before I almost lost them. I have not gotten the Christmas cards out and it's the 23rd. I know late cards are not as good as early ones, but I guess "better late than never" still applies. Sorry if you are reading this and I owe you a card. It's on it's way shortly. I'm trying to finish them tonight so they go into the mail tomorrow a.m. Christmas has been way too quiet this year. I still owe three people presents from the past two years. I have to get serious between Christmas and Jan 1. I want to start the year with nothing hanging over my head. It would be nice to start from where I am at instead of always being behind. And the people who I am making these three things for really mean something to me. Go figure. It's been one hell of a year.

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