Monday, October 6

What a Day Today will Be

It's day 6 at Digitalscrapbookpages dot com for the blog train. The ladies have created some beautiful gifts for everyone. Some are giving away pieces from several of their kits so we get a taste of them. Others created QP's for us, and some actually made brag books for us. And one of the brag books is for Halloween. I believe it's a key tag album. I just love all the shapes the albums are available in these days. Once I'm done with my fall cleaning, look out photos. I am going be an album making fiend. I'm not even going to say how long it's been since I made one. I made a list of albums to create the other day and at the top of the list is my loving and very patient sister, Linda. I told her I'd make an album for her 10th anniersary. Well, I believe they past their 11th, possibly even 12th anniversary in August. If you are reading this Linda, I'm so sorry and I'll do it up the absolutely best I can! lol I'm heading for Las Cruces today to see my dd Ayiana. I can't wait to see her! It's chilly and windy here and one hour south it will be 10 degrees warmer. I need to start getting thing together for the day, but head over to digitals, catch a ride from the blog to the designers blogs and get some of these great page layout giveaways! Enjoy the day!!

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