Saturday, October 4

We are into Day 4 of the BBB at DSP, LOL

Sorry, got carried away there. Anyway, the downloads continue, the scavenger hunt continues (you have to get everyday to be in the drawing, but you can go back and catch up. On a family note, since I have't ventured into the realm of my blog skins html yet, I had a nice long talk with Ayiana last night. She sounded wonderful, the best I've heard in ages. It was very encouraging. Stefanie called as well. She is feeling fine, a bit aggravated with work right now, but I told her the baby is more important so forget about work when you walk out of the office. I can't believe she has to get a doctor's slip saying she has to go to the bathroom whenever she feels the need. I think that's incredulous that a company can regulate adult human beings pee time! Sheesh. On the other side of things, she and Michael are doing well. He sounds like a caretaker to some extent, but so is Stefanie's father, so that actually should work out fine. And Michael's mother is so into spoiling her it's ridiculous. But I am so glad for her and so happy as her mother. I have neverending thankfulness to God for his grace and blessings on her and my yet to be born grandchild. I am also grateful for the gift he has given me in Ayiana. She has taught me so much already, some I'm not so proud of as relates to past behaviors, but I will be so much a better person and a better mother to both Ayiana and Stefanie due to Ayiana's efforts. What a blessing, and a BIG thank you to GOD for the grace he has given me. I will sign off now. God Bless everyone who has read this entire post.

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