Monday, September 15

Doing some spring cleaning

Even though it's September, I'm doing spring cleaning. I have never gotten rid of so much stuff. I didn't realize I had so much. It feels airy and spaceous plus it's nice to know that someone else may benefit from my donations. I have discovered the wonders of paint in a can. With a can of spray paint, I can do anything! It really shapes up that tired wooden furniture. And these days there are so many choices in color, there is even a see through spray paint made by Krylon, and in addition to satin or shiny, there's things like hammered and they look great. I used the hammered on my mailbox post and it looks brand new. Speaking of which I'd better get back to the spring, I mean fall cleaning. I'm going to get back here soon, hopefully, to create a family page. I want to post pictures of everyone, including some great ones I just got from my Aunt Betty and Uncle Dan that are super old of my grandparents. Have a great day!

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SarahB said...

Hope you get your blog all straightened out! After starting mine 2 years ago I haven't gotten the nerve to mess with it again. :)