Friday, February 12

I'm finally Recovering

I'm happy to say I'm finally feeling better, almost "good". I was able to move with minimal pain when I awoke this morning. Between allergies, weather changes, and activities done the weekend Nancy was over, it was as if I was made of that snack called fruit leather and I was being twisted and pulled apart. 

I still feel guilt about receiving SSDi at times, mostly those times when I speak to my mother. But then there are times like these when the pain and incapacitation reassure my need for disability. Today is February 12, Nancy was here January 30. It's been a 13 day recuperation period. Just from going out to dinner one night. Well, and wrongly taking my meds that Sunday night. I mixed up the am and the pm. So I was up awwllll night. It was awful. 

I'm going to spend one more day taking it easy, other than my usual kitchen duty. I have my needle felting kit. Even though the wool is of poor quality, it's adequate for a beginner like me. This photo is my first design. 
More about that later. 

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