Thursday, July 21

Enchantment has been slipping ..

For some reason the enchantement has been slipping a bit as of late. Not that it isn't there, it is. But along with the enchantment are challenges. These challenges are like small boulders, the kind you'd see in that terrific caveman cartoon, what's the name of it?? Anyway, I feel the enchantment of moving in the right direction, getting the stepping stones to continue the move. Some of these stepping stones are boulders! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Dang! So here I am, bad knees, achy body climbing over these medium sized boulders. Keeping my head up but darn, when you have botox shot into the neck muscles they aren't all working at the same time. Keeping my head up is effort. lol  Oh, my. Isn't this all so interesting.

The good news is the rest of the family is developing just fine. Her boulders are a might smaller and flatter and longer. So she has some time to skate in between the challenging pieces.  Ahhhh, rest!

Thank heaven for Carl Jung

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