Tuesday, May 17

Art Journaling Uncovered - My Dateline

I am excited to say art journaling is finally a part of life. Art journaling can be elusive, requiring an understanding of how a person wants to express the personal meaning of daily events. Discovering this for myself has freed up my creativity and an excitement in me. I've wanted to journal for myself but had an incident years ago that held me back. Someone I trusted found (looked for) my journal and read it, then took it and said he made a copy of certain pages. Even writing about it now gives me that feeling of anxiety in my stomach.

Now that I am free to journal, we'll see if I keep up with everyday. I won't be heartbroken if not, but I would like to keep up every other day. 

Take a look at my digital design page ~The Enchanted Page ~ to see what is created.

Join me and let me know where to find your gallery posts.

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