Sunday, November 21

Sunday evening

I'm so glad it is Sunday. I am tired. The days are so long. I came across a book at Amazon for professionals to get a clue about what a caregivers life is like. It was actually on the money, pointing out patterns in my life I hadn't recognized. I wish the people here would read it.

I'm confused about the changes in dd's IEP. No one paid any attention during the last 4 IEP's (all this calendar year). They denied her services, denied special needs under the appropriate category. Gave her no help. Acted like I didn't know my own daughter. The social worker, of all people said to me, "Well, you have almost all of these marked. This isn't "______". What the heck?? And what happened? She became scared, ran out of class, and is now in court on a second charge of battery against a school employee. This is really going to help her. Jeez!! I am so fed up.

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The Canon Ad prevented me from reading the post. Sorry

You sound very interesting - I like New Mexico..