Sunday, November 14

SSA changes to disability

I found this information at Bazelon through an NLD email list I susbscribe to. This is a very important change that effects millions.


What You Can Do

 Please ask SSA to revise its proposed mental impairment Listings —and please circulate this alert widely. The deadline for comments is November 17.
 You should make the following points in your messge to SSA:
  • The proposed use of standardized tests to measure the functioning of people with serious mental illnesses is a flawed approach, with no scientific basis.
  • SSA should drop all reference to standardized tests in the mental illness sections of the proposed Mental Impairment Listings, especially the requirements for people to score so low on such tests in order to qualify for benefits.
  • Under the proposed rule, every year thousands of people who cannot work would be unable to qualify for federal disability benefits.
 When you submit your comments, refer to Docket No. SSA-2007-0101 so your comments are connected to this particular regulation.

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