Tuesday, June 29

Swimming through the Thicket

Houten badpakken / Wooden bathing suitsImage by Nationaal Archief via Flickr
Swimming on through Tuesday where the currents can pull and the rip tide never gives a warning. And so went the swim team tryout today. I knew it was very late to be trying out for team but the lady on the phone went and said "bring her in". That was the cause of it all.  Somehow that translated to "I'm on the swim team" for poor dd. The team coach was clueless and I got a phone call shortly after she left home with her bff. When I got there the manager needed me to fill her in on the plan. She agreed to do a quick try-out but in the end dd didn't know all the strokes she needed to know, so I left with a soaking wet shirt from dd crying on me in her wet bathing suit. I explained as well as possible and I was happy that she let go of the experience quickly.

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The ladies in this photo are actually wearing wooden bathing suits.  I put that one up there with George Washington's wooden teeth. Later ... I'll be posting photos of my latest ATC swap cards. 2 sets of two with a summer/beach theme.

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