Thursday, May 6

a Scare of micro proportions!

I thought it was done for. No idea how I'd continue my life as I had been for the last 3 years. I headed to the LR and tried the desktop ...  but it just wasn't the same. I got a call from the computer guy today that shocked me. He said it worked; he had done a bit of unplugging and plugging in, then switched the memory cards or bars or whatever they are these days and that is when it kicked into gear. Relief. And how stupid! Or is it really?? Really? Everyone depends on these media devices in one form or another. The only person I can think of who doesn't have at least a cell phone is my 82 year old father, and that is because he is too stubborn, short for technologically challenged. But he is Dad, so it's okay. :)

Anyway, I am restored, uh, I mean my computer ... laptop has been restored, just like I left it. Life was very different over the past 8 days. I gained perspective and plan to spend less time online, targeting the most important activities and info, then applying it offline. That should do the trick ...
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Gale Blair said...

Hi Barbara, I'm trying to follow up with you on our Enchanted Room project over at the PaperWhimsy Ning group. Could you please let me know if you've sent out your room, yet, and you did receive yours. USPS confirms that the room was delivered to the address you provided. Please let me know. Thanks! Gale PaperWhimsy