Sunday, January 10

Healthcare - Not the bill

I guess it is because of the bill, but I have had about 25 conversations about the state of nursing care, doctors, etc.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Gabriella Lucretia.  Wouldn't you know, there was that conversation again.  I am sad that what was once a government of, by and for the people, has turned into a government that motivated our Founders to form a more perfect union.

Here is my reply to the post-

I have to agree with you about nursing care standards. I attribute this situation to a few more changes.
I was in the hospital for a knee replacement 5yrs ago with no advocate. By far the worst experience I have had in my life.
Nursing care started to decline when healthcare became a for-profit industry. Cuts in nursing staff were rampant; CNA's took over patient care. A new title for this type of nursing could be technology nurse?
The focus is on profit. Nurses rightly require a decent salary, more than they get now IMHO. So, hmo's turned into mco's, with share owners who want a profit and million-dollar making CEO's running hospitals across the country. These hospitals are run by admins shipped in from around the country with no ties to the community.
I'm sorry for running on, but it is such an important issue with so many unable to afford any care due to high costs which leads to more ER visits increasing overall costs. I don't wonder why there is a shortage anymore.
I wish you luck with your family member's health and I hope you contact your state and local congressional representatives to share your experience with them.

Let's hope for a miracle.
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