Wednesday, November 18

Happy Days

We are having so much fun setting up our new lives. There are challenges, but having Ayiana home is a real blessing. She is the sweetest thing on earth these days! The only problem is she is just like me as a child; her room is a mess, she forgets to put things away, leaves her sweet little Baby Alive or Easy Bake Oven in the Dining Room for days. LOL  My mom wasn't able to instill better habits into me but I hope I have more luck with Ayiana. After 40 some years I have discovered the peace a clutter free bedroom brings.  :)

There is a great sale going on today at Digitals. Designers like Beth Rimmer, Shawn Walter, and Kathryn Estry have put their complete stores on sale and many other designers have select items discounted. It is definitely worth the visit. Enjoy some beautiful designs whiel spending just a few dollars on embellishments or full kits. I'll be writing later on a couple of other subjects. Enjoy your Wednesday.

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