Wednesday, September 9

To Albuquerque we will go ...

Well, another long day that ends with a long night. Lots of phone calls but I couldn't see Ayiana. She has some problems again today. I am doing all I can reasonably to have her out of that RTC ASAP!

On the bright side, whenever I come up here I get to go to Whole Foods. I finally found the purse I've wanted for ages. It wasn't expensive, it's just right in size and I love the design. What more can I ask for. I also found lots of good food! I had a gourmet meal consisting of a basil, tomato, and tofu salad for a beginning course, followed by a humongo piece of artichoke, black olive, and spinach pizza (to die for!) and as a final course, a large square of Tiramisu, of which there is half in the fridge for tomorrow.

Our meeting is not until 1:00 so I will have plenty of time for iced coffee and tiramisu perhaps? LOL, no I got my favorite bagel which I was there also.

I'm getting tired and I'd like to finish a few more layouts while I am awake. Thanks for reading my no news post.

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