Tuesday, August 4

Not a happy day

I heard from my sister this morning. I was so happy to hear her voice, we just don't get to connect that often. Unfortunately it was to tell me my aunt's husband died in his sleep last night. I love my aunt to death so I am worried about her as her health is fragile. It may sound mean, but there was no love loss between he and I, so my concern is for her. If you wish to pray or send positive thoughts please do it for my Aunt Linda. I was over on my crafting blog and realized I haven't posted in ages. I have to make that a priority over the next few days. I had a panic when my syncing software removed gigs of sb files off my computer last night. No more syncing with the portable hd. I will do it by hand from now on. Lastly, please take notice of the new posting to your right. There is an ArtDoll auction for Ovarian Cancer taking place. Clicking on the large button will take you to the site where it is all explained. Very reasonably priced raffle tickets and fabulous artdolls. I believe there are others to be purchased where this one came from. That's all from artsy me for now. Already had ice cream today, so can't eat that. Rats!

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