Sunday, August 9


It's funny, one of my daughter's favorite cries is "it's not fair!" I find some way to tell her that life is not fair. The chips fall where they may. Who said it should be fair, anyway? But today, as I sit here just returned from a 400 mile round trip, what should jump into my mind but Justice. I wondered about the relationship between the two words, so I looked them up on Results are that fair means not unjust. From my perspective, fairness and justice seem so difficult to attain at this point in my life. I don't want to seek justice out of vengefulness (thesaurus: spiteful). But I also don't want to pass up seeking justice because it is difficult to achieve, may take years, although I would think they would have little defense having so many witnesses to one act or another of this cruel, torturous abuse we've lived for much too long. To set a proper example is another important parental role. I have to make 'example' part of my consideration, also. Harm can be proven, and will be, in many, many ways; physical, verbal, intellectual, emotional. As if there were no difficulties before, now it will take even more time to overcome this injury. This is a good beginning, even if it is just ramblings for now. It is a beginning. See the definition of "Boho Girl" - gotta be!

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