Wednesday, July 29

July 29, 2009 is Wednesday

Sheesh! I've been going around all day thinking it is Thursday. No wonder I can't get anything done. That and the temperature. It is consistently 100° or more outside and humid so the cooler won't work. And I am trapped, like a woman scorned and in debtors prison in the 1890's, dirty, sweaty, but grateful I have a window a/c in my bedroom. But still, I am trapped in there. Where I can't word on my desktop computer, but luckily I have a laptop also. But typing on the laptop where's out my eyes and my fingers, so I can only do it for so long. And I have 2 days left to do all my challenges for Digitals (which I told myself I would not let go so long this month), plus do some more designs for Joyce de Jonge with her cool new kit Summer Memories So I hope to coordinate some of my layouts with challenges, but don't tell anyone, just in case. Ooohh, I forgot to let anyone who is interested know about the Blog Train, Polar Express '09. We have 19 designers giving away pieces for 12(?) days. That needs a separate post all to itself. Running to the cool bedroom to make a challenge layout. Then I'll be back to tell you about what happens when new kits are released at Digitals, and the Polar Express. Ahhhh, off to the cooollll air ...

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