Saturday, May 30

Cookie Bummer

Nurse calls (woke me up at 10:00). Ayiana threw up, no pass today. Too many cookies yesterday, with me. Hmmm. Only fruits and veggies from now on. Bring some for the place as well. Where is the $$ from her account? I will definitely check into that. Also need an accounting of how it has been spent since she has been there. I have another night here and I am glad. I'm not feeling so great myself.I wonder if she shrimp was totally ok. Just the thought of it makes me queesy. Maybe we will have a Family Session tomorrow. I would like that. I will be here for the Tx meeting Thursday so we will have a session then. May just wait for then. I asked Scott to pack food for me; rather than morning regular tea, he packed sleepytime! I can't believe it. If I feel better later I'll have to go get some real tea. Karma. I bought herbal teas one time when I was sent to get tea; turned out the prof wanted regular tea, as I want this morning. I think I kind of knew that but didn't get it for him to give him a poke.

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