Wednesday, March 18

Speed Scrap & Blog Back

Vermilion Cliffs in Vermilion Cliffs National ...Image via Wikipedia

What a night. I participated in my first speed scrap. I had 2 hours to complete a layout based on instructions from the Scrap Queen. (don't laugh, I mean it!) Well, I counted from the beginning of the crop so I actually had more time left, but didn't discover this til I had already panicked. It was fun though. Check out my pages by clicking. So after that drama, I decided it was time to tackle the blog background finally, and get it right. I am now proudly on Beth Rimmer's Creative Team (yay!) so I have fabulous pieces to work with. You see the results. I love it. The banner is mostly from her kit titled "Vermillion Cliffs." I found a nice photo of those cliffs to share. The cute swinging kitty and pig are from Beth's "Swingers" kit. It also includes a rooster and bunnies on swings. Finally the little chotcsky's are from "Pulp Fiction" kit and the little journal spot is from her newest "Fairy Journal Spots". This is going to be too much fun, I can tell already!! :) So even if I am up later than usual, I feel a sense of satisfaction. Nothing like letting out some creativity to bring a person back to life. I think I need to let loose of more tomorrow. How about you ...
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Cindy Ritter said...

The blog looks fantastic! Love what you did with Beth's products! I wish I could get mine this cool! Well...maybe someday huh? Oh and congrats on mastering your first speed crop! :D

lorig said...

Congrats on joining Beth's CT. Her kits are fun, funky and fabulous and I love working with her. Love the blog background you chose and all the bits and pieces of extras.