Tuesday, December 2

We have a Christmas blog afterall

Thanks to a lady named Allie Brown (click this post title) who created the kit, and Vicki who created this gorgeous Christmas kit, I have the Christmas blog layout loaded! Woohooo! I love it. I did not know changing your blog decor could be as much fun as writing it. lol Two more weeks and the semester is over and I'm on Christmas break. I've really enjoyed getting back into teaching. I love the eagerness to learn I see in most college students. And I've learned if you don't see it, you can create it. If you are one of those students who doesn't feel the eagerness, challenge yourself. When I get my Career page in better shape, I will have a lot of information posted that will assist students in meeting their goals in college, even in Grad school. (That was a trip!) Off to grade the last exam and get grades ready for class, although I'm in such a Christmasy mood I want to go download all those kits in the post below. So why don't you get started for me? lol ttyl

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