Saturday, November 29

A little closer ...

Well, it's Christmasy. I gave up on installing the one I really wanted. The changes just would not take. So I found another Christmas blog template that I like. Now the header from the first Christmas template is showing up! lol Actually I hope the new template is showing up. I shows in the preview, but not when I just bring up the blog. BTW, I was safe and sound at home all day yesterday. I did my shopping today. I went to WalMart, and 2 of the items I bought were cheaper today, than in the sales flyer for their "big sale" yesterday. If you are looking for some cool Digi Scrapbook kits for Christmas, check out or I got the cutest pink Christmas set at Sassy. I'll be posting some layouts when I get my slide show going. And don't forget to check out Bannerwoman's designs at Digitals. Wish me luck on putting this site back together. We are .xml now! (Uh, okay.)

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